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All Photos by BlackManInJapan


Man, this April 14th  was the third of four rain-soaked Saturday’s in as many weeks, but Harry Maison a.k.a BlackManInJapan’s philosophy on going out during rainy days is “That’s what umbrellas and windshield wipers are for” and today was no exception as I put that philosophy into practice when taking on today’s photo walk.  I really had no specific plans, so my first stop was Yoyogi Park to check out the happenings, and to my surprise (or not) there was a Dog Festival which included many vendors selling everything dog, ranging from clothing to foods, and for humans there were food trucks selling, you guessed it, “hot dogs”.  Due to the constant rain the turnout was not that good, and oh yeah, there was also a dog show.

After about twenty minutes at Yoyogi Park I jetted off to the entrance Harajuku’s famed Takeshita street and shot a few photos of the long human sardine packed rain soaked street where thousands of high spirited genki-assed umbrella toting peep’s that refused to (as Milli Vanilli once sang) “BLAME IT ON THE RAIN”. My big sexy self jumped in my ride, and began cruising, still uncertain about where today’s photographic journey will begin, then suddenly a light bulb came on and told me to park my fly ride here (mystery).  I then took a walk down this small back street to see what was up, and the rest they say is history.

After shooting some images of the chic backstreet art deco styled shops, and restaurants decorated with nostalgic images of America’s past, and one psychedelically painted tacos joint.

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I noticed an entrance of what looked like an art gallery, so I decided to take a look see (For you Hip deprived folks it’s slang for “taking a look inside the place”).

After making my grand entrance of the “THE END OF SPACE” gallery a gentleman by the name Mr. Amaaki introduced himself as the owner and also a graphic designer who looked much younger than his 60 plus years of age, while at the same time dazzling me with his fluent English.  We enjoyed each other’s company while I was viewing the collection of photo’s and original album covers from at least 35 years ago of artist such as reggae legend “Jimmy
Cliff”, lady rocker legend “Patti Smith”, jazz greats “The Bob James Trio”, and “The Police” just to name a few that adorned his gallery walls.  While wishing I had more time to spend with Mr. Amaaki, (unfortunately we had to cut it short), we ended it with a fist bump, and I made a promise to Mr. Amaaki that we will meet again soon because personally, I can’t wait to spend more time with him because he is one cool and hip dude.  If you, like myself enjoy the coziness of the smaller art/photo galleries then “THE END OF SPACE” gallery is the place to be. (in Japanese, for English copy/paste the cookie then use google translate)


Not far from the “END OF SPACE” gallery is the “WATARI CONTEMPARY MUSUEM OF ART” also known as the “Watari-um”.  This spacious gallery with four floors of exhibition spaces was filled with photography, art, and motion picture exhibits was anything short of spectacular.  After entering, I was greeted by a nice young lady named Ayumi Hayata who is working as an intern and is also (thanks to my terrible Japanese) fluent in english and a graduate of the prestigious Waseda University  located in Tokyo.  That’s an Ivy League school, Man “That girl’s got mad brain”

Ayumi gave me a rundown on the current exhibition and a short history lesson of the Watari museum (Watari-um) itself.  After a brief but inspiring conversation with Ayumi it was off to the exhibitions, that featured activist orientated art in different forms from photographic, still life objects, and motion picture styles from AcTiViSt and shock artist like Chim-Pom   Viona JR  Adbusters The Yes Men .

I must admit that I was angry, shocked, and a little teary eyed while viewing the motion picture parts of this touching exhibit and I have to give these artist big props for being a few of  many voices for the poor and unfortunate and bringing attention to all the corruption that exist in this:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::; BeautifulUglyHonestDishonestHappySadPessimisticOptimisticRealistic UnpeacefulWartornPotentiallyPeaceful world that we live in (I still have Hope). This is a must see exhibition and will end on July 8th, 2012. (There is some nudity in this exhibition not for kids)


 Check out the Watari Musuem Of Contempary Art (Watari-um) (in Japanese for English copy/paste cookie and google it and hit translate)


Even after photo walking in the rain checking out two beautiful art exhibitions, and conversations with some cool people it was time to chow down on a juicy hamburger at the A&G diner.  I enjoyed a scrumptious Gumbo double burger with potato wedges, and onion rings.  It was O-F-F T-H-A C-H-A-I-N the onion rings melts in your mouth. (in Japanese, for English copy/paste cookie google it then translate)

All photos by Harry Maison a.k.a BlackManInJapan




Peace & Namaste



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