march #2 THE WALK #3 “JIYGAOKA”



Me and my lovely wife took our first trip to a cool place I’ll describe as a diamond in the rough called “Jiyugaoka” (a real hit with the ladies) unlike fast and hip Shibuya, sophicatedly hip Shimokitazawa, Jiyugaoka has it’s own special type of hipness / funkiness that makes this spot the place to be.  During our rendezvous through this funky  town  we checked out so many shops, outdoor art, chillin out on Jiyu-dori, and green street just walking what seemed like forever and ever without ever being bored, and that’s just on one side of town (I’ll write a piece on side of town later).  Speaking of not being bored,  we saw something that  I’ll call “Strange-but-true” (you’ll see the photo and caption) like a dude applying lipstick, which isn’t that strange in the greater Tokyo but most dudes who apply lipstick at least dress the part (like a lady, ya know Aerosmith “DUDE LOOKS LIKE A LADY”, but this guy was dressed like the old dude he is,  just sitting there calmly and cooly applying lipstick which made it strange to me.  “I guess to each his own / it’s a free world”.  After that, me and my wife found a cool chicken joint named Toriyoshi  tel:03- 5726-0855 (part of a chicken chain from Kichijioji) which is to die for, they also had a kick-butt chicken salad, chicken ramen (heavenly) it was like everything chicken, It would’ve been nice to see a sexy voluptuous lady in a chicken suit (what would my wife think) so when you have some spare on your hands time I highly recommend that you, your family and friends  check out this cool town and that awesome chicken joint.



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 All Photos by Harry Maison a.k.a BlackManInJapan



Peace and Namaste




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