Jan 2012 “THE WALK”

“THE WALK” Article followed by images

After that cool “No Nukes” photo walk (Under Jan 2012 #1 archives) experience my goal was to find the closest eatery that served the cheapest and healthiest meal possible, and “WA-LA” introducing SUPER MACHO a pasta joint located (you guessed it) on a backstreet in Shibuya. I walked in, sat down and ordered curry pasta which is curry on top of spaghetti with some extra fixings and noticed a heavy metal dude or a dude made of heavy metal sitting down eating pasta, after taking a closer look I couldn’t believe my eyes “holy sh*%t it was the man, the myth, the legend, the one and only “Terminator” (yes the movie starring Arnold Schwartzenagger Terminator and I’ve got the photos to prove it). Of course I asked for permission before shooting some photos so I wouldn’t risk getting my ass kicked, think about it; punching him wouldn’t do any good because he’s made of, you guessed it, metal, steel, ya know things that skin & bones doesn’t get along with. I shot some photos which made for a cool evening and didn’t get the autograph even though I wanted one, but I did enjoy the time we spent together. Oh yes Mr. Terminator’s spaghetti ended up getting cold; no problem he used the extreme heat of his breath to warm it up (Top that “CHUCK NORRIS” with yo boulder sized balls).

After getting a belly full pasta and curry (with some veggies of course remember my luvhandles) I proceeded to my favorite coffee shop Segafredo Zaneti located in Shibuya, one of Tokyo’s 23 wards to enjoy a cup of my favorite java (double espresso with one shot of Grappa, ½ ounce of milk and two sugars) with a nice Irish whiskey flavored Cigar just chilling out for a couple of hours before driving home ending what was a funky fantastic photographic voyage in Japan this time it was Tokyo, next time Yokohama, Shimokitazawa, Kanagawa, Ebisu, Ginza who the heck knows. If you see me, “Hollaaaaaaa”


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