JAN 2012 #1 “NO NUKES”

“NO NUKES”  Article followed by images

During my normal Saturday afternoon drive to Tokyo I arrived in Shibuya and saw a long procession of peeps which consisted of Japanese and foreigners escorted by Japanese police with all kinds of signs, flags, and placards in English and Japanese reading “NO NUKES” I thought wow this is a protest against Japan’s use of nuclear energy.

It’s understandable because on March 11th of this year there was the earthquake and tsunami which destroyed the Fukushima Daichi nuclear power plant which released dangerous levels of radiation in the air combined with the constant misinformation from the Japanese government and the energy giant TEPCO concerning those levels of radiation.   Now back to todays protest, while waiting in traffic I had enough time to break out my trusty Canon EOS 30D and started shooting away at some of the protesters posing with peace signs and thumbs up gestures while shouting passionately in English and Japanese “NO NUKES”.

After that energetic encounter I drove to my favorite parking spot (the cheapest one of course), parked my fly ride (a ’97 Nissan Largo van) and pulled out my camera gear a Canon EOS30D with a Tamron 18-270mm lens and started walking the backstreets, main streets, and back alleys of Shibuya prepared to shoot anything, anybody, moving, sitting, standing, flying or whatever that can grace the BlackManInJapan photo blog.  After three hours of walking briskly of course (gotta control those luvhandles) and shooting photos I finally arrived at Yoyogi Park, and to my surprise encountered that same group of protesters, but this time they were crowded together listening to their leaders fiery speech while chanting in English “NO NUKES” and other things in Japanese which I couldn’t understand.  After the crowd dispersed they were more than happy to pose for photos and show off their funky and creative anti nuke gear mostly handmade to send a powerful and passionate message about their concerns over the use of nuclear energy.



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