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For many years during the spring, summer, and fall months when driving to Tokyo on route 246 upon crossing the Tama River bridge to Setagaya ward there’s a large plot of land under the bridge where I or we (as in my wife) always notice many kids playing little league baseball. I kept saying to myself that one day I would like to go down there to check out the games and of course take many photos of them in those colorful baseball uniforms playing their hearts out for their teams and each other.

To be honest with you I’ve been to this plot of land before during the summer of 1998 and remembered what a thrill it was seeing those kids and adults playing their hearts out and the great time I had watching them play.  It was something I could never forget, not to mention shooting approximately 15 rolls of film (If there was digital I was too cheap to buy it back then). Of course my mind kept telling me to stick to my original plan which was to go to Shibuya,Shimokitazawa, Ebisu, or Roppongi, to shoot some street action, and of course I was also thinking “hmmmm” maybe there’s an exciting event happening in Yoyogi Park (I love that place) but instead I kept driving my big ole van down those small winding streets until I found a nice parking place (which wasn’t there in ’98, yeah I illegally parked back then, shhhhhh!!) near those baseball fields of dreams.

I grabbed my crusty and trusted Canon EOS 30D (I now have a digital camera “lol”) with a Tamron 18-270 mm 3.5-5.6 lens and took a two minute walk and noticed there were five baseball games, or rubber baseball games (since they don’t use the traditional hardball or softball) going on at the same time, four little league and one adult game on five different baseball fields.  Just as I remembered from the summer of ’98 there was those energetic kids average age from 8 to 12 years old with their colorful uniforms, coaches barking out instructions, parents cheering, younger siblings not paying attention, and of course big ole me and my monstrosity of a camera which they didn’t even notice, (good for me I don’t need the posed shots with the peace signs) which resulted in some pretty good sports shots on a beautiful day.

When I finished I noticed that I shot approximately 350 shots everything from hit’s, pitches, slides, and bunts, in other words kids, and adults having a good ole competitive time, and at end of the game the ultimate form of sportsmanship the traditional bow, except this time I noticed that they not only bowed to the opposing teams they bowed towards each other, they bowed to the coaches and the parents giving appreciation to them for taking time to encourage them to do their best.

It was over and now I’m driving towards Shibuya to grab a bite to eat, then go to my favorite coffee shop to drink my favorite coffee and smoke my favorite stogie while thinking about how proud I was for listening to my inner mind which encouraged me as I will encourage you to keep on driving until you reach that “FIELDS OF DREAMS.”

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